Sunday, February 22, 2015

The Beginning of a Blog

Hello everyone, my name is Ava and welcome to this little blog.  Before I get started on any actual blogposts, I decided to let you get to know me a bit better and to let you see what this blog will be about.  So, here it goes;

Hi my name's Ava (as you have previously read) and this is my little blog I intend to fill with posts that involve beauty, skincare, fashion, and anything I feel like ranting about to you.  But before I get started on any real posts about those topics, I wanted you all reading this blog to get to know me a bit better (as you have previously read) so here are some facts about me:
  1. I love photography but not in the way most people say just to seem artsy and cool (please tell me you know those kinds of people, otherwise I'll seem pretty crazy to you).  I genuinely love photography and it's one of the things I feel really passionate about.  I like to take photos of my dog, people, nature especially, and everything in between.  For those who want to know what camera I take photos on, it's a Nikon d5200 (aka my most prized possession). 
  2. Sometimes I like to consider myself artistic, but I'm really not.  I think I've been getting a little bit better at drawing but most people would probably beg to differ.
  3. I really love makeup, fashion, and beauty as you probably can tell because these are the topics I've chosen to make my blog about.  I probably got into makeup about a year ago when I started watching a lot of YouTube beauty gurus. 
Now that I'm done talking about myself and boring you all to death, let me know a bit about you all reading this and let me know what topics you would like me to talk about!  Thank you all for reading and I apologize that this post seems a bit short, be expecting more posts to be up in the future!

- Ava 

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