Saturday, May 16, 2015

Review: Me! Bath Mini Bath Ice Cream

Hello everyone!  Long time, no see.  Sorry that I haven't posted anything in 2 weeks, finals are coming up and they sure are stressful.  But to relieve that stress, I purchased some of the Me! Bath Mini Bath Ice Cream bath bomb type things and I thought I'd review them for you!

First off, the smell is amazing!  The scent is very clean, relaxing, and just smells like one of those candles you would light for a spa day.

As for actual results, they make your skin feel so soft.  Unfortunately, they don't add any fun color to your bath which I was quite disappointed about.

Even though no fun color comes out of these tiny little "bath ice creams" it's interesting to watch them dissolve and listen to them fizz.  They are very loud fizzers, by the way.

Even though they're relatively small, they definetly have a huge impact on your skin.

Thanks for reading,
- Ava :) x

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